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PETtogether was a startup founded in 2016 with Tanja Linke, Christian Derwein and Johannes Knierzinger. It was an online community platform that brought pet-animal owners together with animal lovers to give the animal a more varied everyday life and better care in a loving environment.


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Together you are less alone

The online platform brings pet owners and animal lovers together to ensure a diversified everyday life and a better care in a loving environment for the pet.

»I drove there by bike, the mood was relaxed, Any was well-behaved, it just did fit.«

Adrian Assisting dog owner

People without pets help pet owners

Animal hotels are expensive but family and friends don’t always have time for the pet. Then again many people can’t get their own pet although they would like to. PETtogehter brought pet owners and animal lovers together free of charge in order to care for the pet together.

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You feel like you didn’t see everything you need on our mockups? No problem, you can download our app for your iPhone or Android smartphone and enjoy it in it’s full scope. Moreover you can try our web tool as well.

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