expoya | Local Marketplace for Austria


The platform offers companies the unique opportunity to optimally present, exhibit and successfully sell their products and services. With this innovative platform, companies can even offer their products and services based on location. This means that potential customers can be targeted and reached in their immediate vicinity. Trough this effective location activation opens up new opportunities to strengthen customer loyalty and further increase business success




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expoya | Local Marketplace for Austria


expoya is an inspiring platform for browsing and discovery. It acts as a virtual fairground where thousands of manufacturers, retailers and service providers present their extensive range of products and services. Visitors can find inspiration online, shop conveniently or discover local stores near them. From furniture to clothing, shoes to electronics– expoya has everything you’re looking for. Whether it’s hairdressers, carpenters, garden planners or much more – all services are just a few clicks away.

expoya | Local Marketplace for Austria
»After less than 6 months of cooperation with moweex, we were already presented with the first functional MPP. This was used for the first investor talks and early customers during the rest of the project. After almost 1 1/2 years the project was launched on time and on budget.«

Harald Gumpenberger CEO

expoya | Local Marketplace for Austria


At expoya, it’s all about targeted expos filtered by individual search criteria and interests. Expoya offer an online store that allows seamless integration of the products and services offered. Thanks to efficient SEO optimization, all expos are optimally visible in any search engine. Discover a diverse selection of products and services that meet your needs or bring your business and your products and services closer to the appropriate target audience.

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The Internet is full of inspiration. However, it can often be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for in the flood of images. That’s where expoya comes in. Our expos are designed to help you find exactly what you’re searching for, along with a local store where you can buy it. Browse through our home decor ideas, discover new electrical appliances, get interior design ideas or find a new hairdresser. At expoya you’ll find everything your heart desires.

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