Digicust – Digital Customs Transforming Business

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Get the support your customs specialists desire, scale your business in foreign trade and customs clearance, while saving time and costs tremendously – with Digicust’s trustworthy AI solutions.


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Digital customs officer NEO

Digicust’s help for customs tariff NEO is digital and learns through artificial intelligence more with every job. Automatically all related documents of a case are read in. Missing or mismatched inputs are highlighted for a final, manual check.

Digicust – Digital Customs Transforming Business

»Digicust guides me through the process, points out errors, and connects me to the right official. I save myself nerves, time, and annoying music on hold!«

Michael S. Chief Technology Officer

Master Data Management

Distribution of tasks according to qualifications

Based, among other things, on the completeness of the inputs and the kind of documents a duty cases difficulty is rated. According to the level of difficulty the case is assigned to a qualified customs officer to be processed.

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