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What is visual design?

Visual design is the art of visual creation. It involves using graphics, images and other elements to convey a certain message or achieve a certain effect. Visual design is often referred to as a subfield of communication design.

So what is the difference between visual design and user interface (UI) design?

User Interface Design and Visual Design are two completely different areas of design. User Interface Design focuses on the functionality of a product's interface and ensures that the user can interact effectively with the product. This includes creating user interfaces, menus, icons, and other graphic elements. Visual design, on the other hand, focuses on the look and feel of a product's interface. It is about presenting information in an appealing and understandable way. At moweex, our visual designers and user interface designers work very closely together, ensuring that the final user interface is both functional and visually appealing.

What are the tasks of our visual designers?

As a visual designer, you need to be familiar with all different facets of design. This includes creating mood boards, wireframes, mockups, layouts, designing icons and buttons and animating content. Furthermore, the creation of interactive prototypes and so-called click dummies. It is important to think not only about the appearance of the interface, but also about the functionality and your users.

Our visual designs ensure a favorable use of your product or solution by your users, contributing to high reuse.

With the help of our UX designers, your products will be simply perfect.

UX design is the perfect solution for you if you want products that are easy and intuitive to use. UX concepts ensure an optimal user experience and an appealing design.

Mood Board

Der anerkannte englische Begriff Mood-Board lässt sich ins Deutsche mit „Stimmungstafel“ übersetzen. So gesehen ist es eine Collage aus Bildern oder Illustrationen, die zur visuellen Beschreibung dienen und die gewünschte Stimmungen oder Werte wiedergeben soll.

A mood board is an important presentation and working tool that is heavily used in the design and communications industry. It helps to get a first impression about the language, the look or the tonality and sometimes allows the designer to get a first look at which elements could harmonize with each other and which not.

Possible uses

The mood board is also a part of research and is thus created relatively at the beginning of a project because it defines the consensus on the atmosphere of a design. A mood board is used in the following areas, among others:

  • Webdesign: dis used to represent the look and feel of the website. Colors, page content and navigation tools can be defined this way.
  • User-Interface-Design: to highlight the elements of the user interface, to explain the interrelationships of several elements and to visualize new ideas
  • Graphic design: To design a photo style, for example, to create the annual report
  • Advertising and marketing: As a visual definition of the target group of a campaign with the help of everyday culture and portraits


A mockup is a digital draft of a website or app. Mockups are created as part of web design and are used to visualize concepts and ideas. Mockups already contain all elements of a website and are mostly static, i.e. without any functionality. However, there are now modern mockup tools that allow a certain dynamic, such as simple linking of controls. Thus, there is a fluid progression from mockups to prototypes. Navigation, basic functions, content architecture, and design are coordinated with the customer on the basis of mockups, which can also be used to decide on a final contract award. In addition, mockups are used for usability tests, allowing potential problems to be identified at an early stage before a major programming effort would be necessary. In this respect, mockups can contribute to time and cost savings within a project.

Icons, Logos and Banner


Icons have become an indispensable means of communication. Whether on smartphones or PCs, at ticket machines or ATMs – they are now found everywhere. Icons are small, simple pictures or pictograms and their meaning should be as self-explanatory as possible. Icons are often used as buttons. For example, a house is often used to return to the homepage, or an arrow to indicate a direction.


Logos can consist of symbols, images, text and colors, forming a unique brand. A logo gives your business a face. It helps customers understand who you are, what you do and what brand values you represent. Logos are a key part of a brand identity and can create a strong visual association with your company/brand that helps customers remember you.


Banners are graphic advertising media that consist of image and text elements and are implemented as advertisements in websites. Banners are displayed in different ways. On the one hand, they can be integrated into the content of the website or placed in the margin outside the content, on the other hand, they are also often used as pop-ups. Basically, banners should encourage the user to click on them and look at what is being advertised.

Content animation

Final mobile App and Website Screens

Animated content is animated video that consists of original design, drawings, illustrations or computer-generated effects that move in an eye-catching way. Animations are an irresistible way to tell a story or clarify content to a user. The length of the animation depends on the purpose. Promoted animations are usually shorter and do not go beyond a few seconds in length. Informative animations may well last longer than a minute.

We convinced them?

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