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We help you bring your ideas to life. Whether you want to scale existing or create something new, our certified Scrum development teams will support you in the implementation of your digital product.

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Accelerate individual digital product development by hiring experienced, well-rehearsed, certified scrum teams and become unrivaled.


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Achieve your goals with our certified Scrum developers.

Working with certified Scrum developers is a worthwhile investment to take the quality of your product and project to the next level. Our certified fullstack developers have been trained by us to always independently take on all tasks to develop your high-quality custom digital product. They can do this even in a complex environment within highly agile project specifications.

What are the advantages of a Scum development Team on time?

Flexible staffing with predictable costs

Our provided Scrum Team is flexible and scalable according to your needs. At the same time, the costs always remain predictable. Whether based on hours or sprints, you as the customer decide on the billing method.

No staff risk

You save the costs for recruiting, training and additional overhead. We assume the personnel default risk. Our development services are 100% transparent. The project implementation and development are always done according to your specifications and our very high quality standards. ave a lot of time and money in personnel search.

Save a lot of time and money in the search for personnel.

Short Onboarding an Ramp-up phase

With our well-rehearsed Scrum teams, you have a very short Ramp-up phase and save the teambuilding and bypass the storming phase. Our developers are well-rehearsed, some of them haben been working together for several years and have all mastered the agile methods. Our quality and security are already on a very high level from the beginning and this saves subsequent rebuilding work.

We leave the content management with you

Throughout the entire collaboration, you retain control over the content. We offer you maximum transparency in the implementation so you know at anti time in the project what each individual in the team is working on. We are also happy to support you with ideas for implementation or implementation concepts so that you can exercise your role as product owner in the best possible way.

Simply hire Scum teams instead of recruiting your own staff with high risk!

We are the software partner for your individual software development in the area of web development and app development of digital products from Linz an Vienna. Our teams are happy to support you in the implementation of your idea.

FAQs for Hiring Scrum Developer Teams in Austria and Germany.

How can you build a certified Scrum Developer Team

Hiring certified Scrum developers is a worthwhile investment to take the quality of your product and project to the next level. As experienced software developers, we know how useful it is to build a team with qualified members. And we like to share our experience in filling up such a team with you.


To build a certified Scrum developer team, you need to take the following steps: First, you should define the requirements of the project to create a list of skills you need for the job. After doing this, you can start looking for suitable candidates. It is advisable to use various platforms such as LinkedIn or Xing, as well as inline job portals or headhunter agencies to search for experts. When you find someone who might be up to your task, you should also interview them and check if they have the right education. A very helpful tool in the interview process is the Scum Alliance Certified Program(SACP). This certificate confirms that the candidate has all the necessary skills for the project in question and is therefore exactly what you are looking for.


With the above steps, entrepreneurs can build professional a qualified Scum developer teams in a short time and effectively achieve their project goals. As software developers, we are aware of the advantages of team results with qualified personnel. That’s why we strongly advise every company to rely on expertise instead of quantity when recruiting staff- especially when it comes to building a Scrum developers team. So, use SACP certifications as a testing method and make your team a winner!