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We are known for our ability to develop seamless mobile app experiences with high engagement. We help you develop your app idea and create the right technology stack for an unforgettable mobile experience.

What is custom mobile app development?

We help you make your content available on mobile. Do you want to make the mobile version of your software available to end users or launch a completely new app? - Our experts will support your project. The requirements for mobile apps are as complex as the possibilities of targeting. It is important for us to provide a flawless user experience for you and your users and we specialize in the following methods.

What is Native App Development?

We develop native apps for companies and organizations in the industry with high demands on quality, functionality, user experience and above all maintainability. Native development consists of working with Android and iOS software development kits (SDKs) and programming in Java / Kotlin and Swift respectively. As a result, apps are developed independently for each platform without a common code base on which to build them. In return, those apps are less maintenance prone and are more adaptable to hardware requirements. With our years of experience in native app development for iOS and Android, we can provide you with a high-quality solution that is tailored to your exact needs. We use the latest technologies to ensure that your app runs smoothly and reliably. Our apps are intuitive and easy to use, so you can fully focus on your business.

What is cross-platform hybrid app development?

Apps are typically developed using one of two approaches: native or a cross-platform framework like React Native. Working with cross-platform frameworks allow developers to implement apps in a language that is then compiled into native ARM code for the respective platforms. But does a cross-platform approach really speed up development processes? In what respects does such an approach have the upper hand?

Differences Native App Development vs. Hybrid App Development

Decision making criteria

Lock & Feel

In hybrid applications, the “native component” must communicate with the browser. In the case of particularly computationally intensive applications such as games or 3-dimensional animations, this can be fatal and severely impact performance. In this case, it would be recommended to go straight to a native approach. Hybrid apps also do not allow platform-specific interactions and do not have the look and feel like their “native siblings”.


If you attach importance to performance and quality, you should rather pursue a native approach. If you only have a small budget and the performance requirements are rather low, you should work with a hybrid framework. A native app is particularly useful if you need (unrestricted) access to the device hardware or personal data.

Productivity & Maintenance

There are some clear advantages and disadvantages to both native app development and hybrid app development. When it comes to productivity, native app development definitely has the edge. It is much easier to develop a native app from scratch than it is to develop a hybrid app.

However, when it comes to maintenance, hybrid apps have a clear advantage. Since they are built using web technologies, they can be updated much more easily and quickly than native apps. This is a big advantage for businesses that need to rapidly update their apps on a regular basis.


There are good arguments for cross-platform development. It’s entirely possible to achieve the same look and feel as native development, making it a reasonable option for independent developers who want to support multiple platforms and helping web developers get into mobile development more easily.

However, for development teams that have sufficient resources in the form of mobile developers, native development will remain the safer option in many cases, depending on the feature set of the app, as there are no dependencies on other companies and frameworks.

Cross-platform hybrid app development options

Cross-platform Hybrid WebApps - the best choice for simple applications which are to be made available in both Android and iOS operating systems from the very beginning.

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps (also called cross-platform apps) are a hybrid of native apps and web apps. While native apps are tied to their respective platforms, hybrid apps only have to be written once with a hybrid framework, which is usually based on JavaScript, and can then be used on all platforms. This approach reduces the development time and thus the overall cost for the end user. Probably the best-known hybrid framework is the one from Facebook called React native.

What is React Native?

React Native is a cross-platform development environment that enables creative developers to build cross-platform native apps quickly and efficiently.

React Native is an open-source framework for developing native apps for Android and iOS. It was developed by Facebook and uses JavaScript and React to create user interfaces. Apps developed with React Native look exactly like native apps because they access the native APIs directly. This means that they have the same look and feel as apps developed using the respective OS SDKs. React Native is a great option for cross-platform app development as it offers a wide range of features.

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Whether modernization or enhancements of existing digital solutions, replacement of your outdated software with modern new frameworks or the development of completely new digital products, services and applications - we are your digitalization partner for individual software development. Here you can find more services about custom software development.

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Here are some questions you should ask yourself if you plan to have an app developed

How much time do I have ?

If there is no time pressure to develop the app or, in the case of a native approach, both apps, then you can confidently pursue said native approach. It takes longer to develop an app for both popular operating systems, but the look and fells of this variant are clearly different from the hybrid apps.

What is the available budget?

The same approach applies here – if there is no tight budget or time pressure as mentioned above, native apps should be chosen as they perform better and look better as well

Do you need access to the device hardware ?

If access to the hardware is not an issue for your project, you can also opt for a less cost-intensive variant, namely hybrid apps.

What are the requirement in terms of quality. performance and distribution?

The higher the requirements in these areas are, the more likely it is that our experts will advise you to use a native approach to app development. This guarantees better performance and quality.

What is the purpose of my app and what does the customer or user expect?