Carsharing 24/7 – Car-Sharing Tech-Startup

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Private car sharing makes environmentally friendly, cheap and flexible mobility possible for many. On the one hand the app gives car owners the possibility to gain back a part of their fixed costs. On the other hand car users have simple access to a vehicle in their surrounding area for low-priced conditions.

Those who share drive better

Private car sharing enables many people to be environmentally friendly, inexpensive and flexible in terms of mobility. On the one hand, the app offers car owners the opportunity to recover part of their fixed costs. On the other hand, vehicle users can quickly and easily find a car in their vicinity and rent it at the most favorable conditions.

Carsharing 24/7 – Car-Sharing Tech-Startup

»I save myself acquisition costs, monthly insurance costs and repair costs and can still rent a car around the clock, no matter where I am – all via one app!«

Christian carsharing24/7- User

Carsharing 24/7 – Car-Sharing Tech-Startup

Saves time and money

Time consuming and complicated bureaucracy like insurance contracts are automatically handled by the app. This clears a big hurdle for both sides

Carsharing 24/7 – Car-Sharing Tech-Startup

See for yourself

You feel like you didn’t see everything you need on our mockups? No problem, you can download our app for your iPhone or Android smartphone and enjoy it in it’s full scope. Moreover you can try our web tool as well.

what we did



  • Technical Architecture
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Backend Development
  • CI / CD Pipelining
  • Manual & Automated QA
  • Prototyping
  • AWS Cloud Setup & Implementation

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