mBOX – Interactive Multi-touch Display Box

voestalpine AG

Voestalpine AG – stylized as voestalpine – is an Austrian steel-based technology and capital goods group based in Linz, Austria. The company is active in steel, automotive, railway systems, profilform and tool steel industries. As of 2017, it is one of the few profitable steel companies in Europe. 45 % of its workforce is based in Austria. The Linz hot strip mill is a “fully integrated steelworks” operated by voestalpine Stahl GmbH, a part of the steel division of voestalpine AG. In addition to Linz the most important plants are in Leoben in Styria and in Krems in Lower Austria. It had a large plant at Liezen in Styria which closed in the 1990s. Voestalpine is responsible for 10% of all Austrian CO2 emissions, which makes it the biggest emitter in the country.


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mBOX gives your industry products a digital touch

mBOX is a plug-and-play-ready interactive multi touch display box. Augmented reality, storytelling, light and sound make your product your brand story’s hero.

mBOX – Interactive Multi-touch Display Box

»Finally, a modern way to present our product! «

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mBOX – Interactive Multi-touch Display Box

Transparent MultiTouch Box


Elegantly minimalistic, the mBOX holds a treasure of possibilities to present your product. Its high definition display, bright colours and clearest sound are nothing but pure pleasure. The mBOX puts your product in the spotlight, thus bringing you attention and sales.

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