CleanTagger | location-based Time-Tracking App

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Cleantagger – was an idea of our whole moweex team and was conceived, designed and developed during the time of the 1st Corona Lock-Down. Unfortunately, after that there was no time to bring the product to the market.


Mobile Development


Web & Backend Development


UI/UX Design & Concept

CleanTagger | location-based Time-Tracking App

Digital and legally reliable time tracking – simple as never before

This smart mobile software assists cleaning staff with the digital record of work efforts. Simply check with just one scan in and out via RFID chip and smartphone at the job site. Thereby as an employer you have valid time recordings of your employees and no headache by unexpected examinations. Due to the API interface estimate/actual comparisons can be easily compiled with planning systems. Even sick notes are possible with this app which allows a search for replacement for the tasks to be done in time.

CleanTagger | location-based Time-Tracking App

»Through CleanTagger, I can easily check in and out with my SmartPhone and I don’t have to worry about handwritten timesheets anymore!«

Rene Human Resource Specialist

Evaluations and feedback from customers

With a responsive website for each operation site customers can examine and rate the work efforts in real time. This increases the work quality and enhances transparency. The staff’s name and appearance are known which enhances social interaction.

With the company’s management tool every staff’s work effort can be examined, sorted and filtered. Informative statistics provide a better overview of the vast array of data.

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You feel like you didn’t see everything you need on our mockups? No problem, you can download our app for your iPhone or Android smartphone and enjoy it in it’s full scope. Moreover you can try our web tool as well.

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