voestalpine Employee Branding App

voestalpine Bulletin App

Connecting Coworkers

Communicate, engage and interact with all employees

Useful information important announcements, save-the-dates or the cafeteria’s menu: voestalpine Bulletin App is an interactive way of communicating with staff and co-workers..

»Communicating with our employees has never been easier. Detailed, anonymised insights and a trackable flow of information let us know what really matters to our people.«

Oliver H. - voestalpine Stahl GmbH

InfoApp - Kalender Woche
InfoApp - Kalender Monat
InfoApp - Kalender Detail


This app is an efficient way for connecting co-workers wherever you are, no desktop needed. It’s a communication platform that fits into every pocket, wherever you are, in workshops, labs or on construction sites, from St. Peter to St. Petersburg.